Tip #3: Carry More Fishing Gear

Tip #3: Carry More Fishing Gear on your Rod-Runner!

Having the right gear is essential on any successful fishing trip but it’s not always easy to carry more fishing gear.

It’s definitely not easy to carry multiple fishing rods and that’s why we created Rod-Runners. To help both offshore and land based anglers easily carry more fishing rods to more places without tangles, snags, or worse broken rods and reels!

Versatility has always been one of our founding principles and since Rod-Runners are already great at carrying fishing rods we thought; how else can Rod-Runner help carry more fishing gear?

We decided to make this our Rod-Runner Tip#3 and first carrying extra gear trick because it may just be the easiest and most useful way to carry more fishing gear on your Rod-Runner.

All you’ll need for this Tip#3 to carry more fishing gear on your #RodRunner is a simple bungee cord like those already on you’re Rod-Runner. Just wrap the bungee cord around the two leg clips on the top plate of the Rod-Runner. That’s it!

You can use any small bungee cord you have available. Although we must say our Rod-Runner bungee cords are the perfect size for this trick and strong enough to handle the abuse! We have them here or on Amazon as a 5 pack for just a few bucks. Well worth it considering we more great tips and tricks coming soon that include bungee cords.

Using this technique you can load all types of fishing gear right on your Rod-Runner like pliers, grips, sunglasses, even fishing lures. Your extra gear stays strapped down yet easily available right on your Rod-Runner and doesn’t interfere with your hand when carrying the Rod-Runner.

An added bonus is you can leave the extra bungee strapped around the leg clips permanently. The bungee cord will not interfere with any of the rod holders or the Rod-Runner legs as you lock them in or remove them from the leg storage clips.


Tip #2: Increased Stability Fishing Rough Terrain

Stability is key in life as well as fishing, and the same goes for your fishing rods. Whether it’s steep banks, rocky shores, cliffs, jetties, or anywhere else, it’s tough to find an even surface to set your gear down when fishing rough terrain.

Our quick and easy Rod-Runner Tip #2 is perfect for these situations! Now while Rod-Runners are great for heading offshore, it’s really land based anglers that get the most out of them, and put Rod-Runners to the test in the toughest fishing environments.


Most anglers quickly determine their ideal rod holder setup, and they’ll usually load the same rods in the same holders, which almost always turns out to be the most balanced setup. The more evenly you can distribute the weight of your fishing rods between right and left sides, the more balanced your Rod-Runner.

You can also improve balance even further by making sure the back of your Rod-Runner sits on two outside fishing rod butts instead of just the center rod butt. If that’s not possible with you’re specific rod setup, don’t worry, Tip#2 should be able to help!

Like Tip #1, this Rod-Runner Tip #2 is very simple, but not obvious at first. Just remove the center holder, and lock it back into the Rod-Runner higher up, so only the bottom of the rod holder is locked into the Rod-Runner. That’s it!

This not only improves the odds that the Rod-Runner will balance on two outside fishing rod butts and increase stability, but it’s also perfect for fly rods and short butt fishing rods.

An added bonus being your center rod & reel will sit higher off the ground!


Tip #1: Quick Fishing Rod Access!

Rod-Runner Tip #1: Quick Fishing Rod Access!

Did you know there’s more than one way to load fishing rods in your Rod-Runner?

At first, most Rod-Runner users will load their fishing poles fully into the rod holders, and then securely lock them in place using our ball bungee cords. This method offers the most protection for your rods & reels; it is how we always recommend you transport your fishing gear in moving vehicles.

However, land-based anglers know that speed and fishing rod access can be critical when you spot a nice fish or school of fish. Messing with bungees can be the difference between making that perfect cast or watching a potential catch swim away.

That’s why we decided to make this our first Rod-Runner tip because it’s very useful, doesn’t require any additional parts, and is incredibly easy to do! The trick is simply to lock the ball bungee cords before you load your rods into the Rod-Runner rod holders. That’s it!

When you do this, your fishing rods will sit with the reels sitting above the locked bungee cords instead of below. This will allow easy fishing rod access so you can quickly load and unload fishing rods from your Rod-Runner.

As an added bonus, this technique, of loading your fishing rods after locking the rod holder bungee cords instead of before, will keep your rods & reels higher off the ground! This is especially useful for the center rod holder, which sits lower to the ground.


This technique of loading rods above or below bungee cords also applies well to our new Uni-Mounts and Tri-Mounts. Those are our individual and 3 rod rack mounts that hold all the same rod holders as your Rod-Runner. You can interchange rod holder between mounts and Rod-Runner, and they can be installed almost anywhere and in any direction! More on those mounts in a future post, but the point is when using those mounts, you can also load rods above the locked bungee cords. For example, when loading large offshore rods, you can use this technique to stagger large reels as shown in the following photo.


Virginia Salvador – “Unforgettable” To Say The Least! 

“In addition to working in the medical field, I’m a biologist, published scientist, and an outdoor freelance writer. I enjoy traveling to fish for marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, tarpon, amberjack, grouper, and peacock bass. My absolute favorite thing to fish for is white sturgeon. It has been a life changing experience fishing with Captain Zack at GateCrasher Fishing in San Francisco! My objective is to bring awareness to this prehistoric dinosaur, promote catch and release and provide clients an unforgettable experience.”

“Being a deckhand is a labor of love. Carrying 10 rods around used to be cumbersome, now my job just got that much easier!”

– Virginia Salvador

Virginia also recently got into kayak fishing and is already doing what she does best! Check out her new kayak with our Tri-Mount 3 rod rack installed in the back. Now she can transport and protect her fishing rods anywhere on or off the water and swap rod holders directly from her #RodRunner to her kayak Tri-Mount!

Follow her on Instagram at @unforgettable_virginia

Check out this awesome in-depth interview with Virginia at:

Colby Blackwell – Tandem Kayak Fishing

”I Love to Fish” and I’m a multi species fisherman but I’m drawn to BIG fish and offshore kayak fishing.  I enjoy the different variety of fishing offshore, you never know what you are going to catch such as Amberjack, Tuna, Shark, King Mackerel, Snapper, Bonita, Grouper, Redfish, Sailfish and others. To catch this wide variety of fish I carry multiple rods (sabiki, jigging, inshore, offshore, trolling, surf) when I travel. The best way I have found to transport and protect my rods is with #RodRunner carriers and rod racks!  

A couple of the largest catches on the Yak are a 182.5 lb Yellow Fin Tuna on a 50W reel out of Venice, LA. He took us on a sleigh ride of over 2.5 miles at top speeds of 4.5 knots for 1 ½ hrs. before we landed it. Also, I landed an estimated 11-12ft , 500 lb shark using 30 lb mono and a small talica 12ii reel. Hooked him at 145 ft and he towed us for 2 hrs. to a depth of 350 ft before we landed and released him.

Kayak fishing is intense you must be patient, technical, physically fit and a multi-tasker to be a good kayak fisherman. There are so many things happening on a kayak all at once, such as paddling, steering, balancing, gaffing, watching out for boats, all while trying to catch and reel in a fish.  Also, not to mention that your sitting down, closer to the water, at the mercy of the current which makes it all more exciting.   All these factors require a different approach than angling from a boat.  I love testing my skills and ability against big predator fish in their habitat.

Instagram: @tandem_kayak_fishing

YouTube: Tandem Kayak Fishing