Tip #3: Carry More Fishing Gear

Tip #3: Carry More Fishing Gear on your Rod-Runner!

Having the right gear is essential on any successful fishing trip but it’s not always easy to carry more fishing gear.

It’s definitely not easy to carry multiple fishing rods and that’s why we created Rod-Runners. To help both offshore and land based anglers easily carry more fishing rods to more places without tangles, snags, or worse broken rods and reels!

Versatility has always been one of our founding principles and since Rod-Runners are already great at carrying fishing rods we thought; how else can Rod-Runner help carry more fishing gear?

We decided to make this our Rod-Runner Tip#3 and first carrying extra gear trick because it may just be the easiest and most useful way to carry more fishing gear on your Rod-Runner.

All you’ll need for this Tip#3 to carry more fishing gear on your #RodRunner is a simple bungee cord like those already on you’re Rod-Runner. Just wrap the bungee cord around the two leg clips on the top plate of the Rod-Runner. That’s it!

You can use any small bungee cord you have available. Although we must say our Rod-Runner bungee cords are the perfect size for this trick and strong enough to handle the abuse! We have them here or on Amazon as a 5 pack for just a few bucks. Well worth it considering we more great tips and tricks coming soon that include bungee cords.

Using this technique you can load all types of fishing gear right on your Rod-Runner like pliers, grips, sunglasses, even fishing lures. Your extra gear stays strapped down yet easily available right on your Rod-Runner and doesn’t interfere with your hand when carrying the Rod-Runner.

An added bonus is you can leave the extra bungee strapped around the leg clips permanently. The bungee cord will not interfere with any of the rod holders or the Rod-Runner legs as you lock them in or remove them from the leg storage clips.

What other fishing gear or tools would you load on your Rod-Runner? Comment or share your photos with us @RodRunnerFishing!

Although we mentioned fishing lures before, we believe this Rod-Runner Tip #3 to carry more fishing gear is especially useful for tools like pliers. Fishing lures can snag some on the bungee cords but we have some great modification coming soon; much better suited for carrying flies and lures on your Rod-Runner. (stay tuned and sign up for our mailing list)

Over the years we’ve received some great customer feedback and have had a chance to do some experimenting here at Rod-Runner headquarters. We’ve discovered there are plenty of different ways to carry more fishing gear right on your Rod-Runner, in fact too many for one blog post!

We’ll definitely have more posts in the near future about different ways to carry more fishing gear on your Rod-Runner; some more complex than others. Like that third photo on the right up there that’s part of an upcoming post on carrying broken down 2, 3, and 4 pc rods!

If you’ve discovered any #RodRunner tips, tricks, or modifications you want to share with other anglers let us know! Find us on social media @RodRunnerFishing or email us at info@rod-runner.com


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