• Durable Lightweight Construction
  • Hardened ABS with UV+ Inhibitors
  • Strong Hold Ball Bungee Cords
  • Dual Quick Release Tabs
  • Compatible with all Rod-Runner products
  • Rod Holder ONLY – Mounts not included



or Customize
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Ideal for holding rods with any size baitcaster reel, offshore conventional reel up to 50W, and even some electric reels! These open rod holders will also hold spinning reels if needed and users can even load rods with reels sittings above locked bungee cords as well for increased ground clearance and quick access when fishing on the move!

Durable enough to handle consistent rod transportation abuse while remaining lightweight.

Release tabs located behind each holder allow users to quickly interchange, replace, or customize their Rod-Runner setup with ease. Transfer holders between all Rod-Runner products.

Deep-Cut holders and notches keep your rods secure and stable during hand held or vehicle transportation. Open rear slot design allows holders to accept rods with built in trigger grips.

Ball Bungee cords help keep rods safely stored and rod tips evenly spaced during transportation. When not in use, Bungee Cords can be hooked around the back of the holders to avoid snags while installing rods in seconds.

Constructed of 100% high quality ABS with UV+ inhibitors.  I.D: 1-3/4 in.




As a small family owned business we take great pride in the quality and reliability of our products. We stand behind our entire line of Rod-Runner products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders and full 1 year repair or replace warranty on all products under normal use. Give us a call anytime at 305-274- 7254 or email us at and we’d be glad to help with any Rod-Runner questions or issues. Thanks & best regards, -FX Products, Inc. (@RodRunnerFishing)


“These Rod-Runner portable fishing rod caddies, wall mounts, and rod holder mounts are not intended for use while fishing. Additional bracing or tie downs are recommended to securely fasten product for optimal safety during transportation in vehicles. Use caution when installing or removing bungee cords and rubber leg boots as they can pose a choking threat to small children and animals. Bungee cords can snap when damaged or under extreme pressure, use caution. Not intended for use by children. The Rod-Runner and Rod-Runner mounts are strictly for transporting, carrying, and storing fishing rods. Do not use this product as a rod holder for fishing.Using this product for uses not intended by the manufacturer could result in serious injury or death”


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