Battling Monsters with Joey Antonelli!

Our friend Joey Antonelli recently launched his YouTube channel and its epic! This guys is constantly chasing down monster fish on the beach, on the paddle board, from the jetty, basically anywhere he can. With the mullet run in full effect down here in Florida Joey has been busy and his videos have been crazy! Make sure to subscribe to his channel and check out this recent video where we can see Joey’s Rod-Runner setup at the end. He also makes awesome vinyl fishing decals and hats so make sure to check him out @H2Ovinyldesigns.

BEST fishing song ever! Catch em all Fishing / Savage

Check out this hilarious and hardcore fishing song spoof by our friend Zak Catch em all Fishing who was nice enough to include the Rod-Runner in this epic video! This song is now on constant replay here at Rod-Runner headquarters! “When you fishing hard then your tackle start expanding” Thanks Zak! #RodRunners

Bass Fishing with #RodRunners and LBC Bassin

Honored to have our Rod-Runners featured on the first episode of LBC Bassin! Check it out and watch our friend LBC Bassin crank some nice bass on jerkbaits and make sure to subscribe to his new channel LBC Bassin! #RodRunners

Surf Fishing with SDG and his Rod-Runner!

Surf Fishing setup and Rod-Runner review by SDG!

In this video the Sonoran Desert Grower shows us how he sets up and travels with his Rod-Runner for surf fishing. He also shows us some cool tips and tricks he uses when surf fishing. Check it out and make sure to give his page a follow. Thanks SDG! #RodRunner

Vicky Stack Fishing with Peacock Bass Adventures!

Vicky Stark and 7 Seas Media went fishing with Peacock Bass Adventures down here in South Florida and brought along the #RodRunner!

Average Guy Fishing #RodRunner review!

Andy with Average Guy Fishing recently shot a great review video for us after receiving his Rod-Runner order! Check it out and make sure to give Andy a follow on his YouTube page Average Guy Fishing. Thanks Andy! #RodRunners

Rod holder for trucks! Video review by with Butch Newell

Fishing rod holder for truck review by Butch Newell! The Rod-Runner can easily load in many different vehicles and vessels including pickup trucks where they load in seconds and keep your reels off the bed and rod tips spaced out and over the tailgate!

No thumbnail but still a great #RodRunner video review by our friend Butch Newell! If you’re curious about how Rod-Runners handle in the back of the pickup truck make sure to watch as Butch films his Rod-Runner in the bed of his truck going down the highway. Thanks Butch!

Surf Fishing with Julie and her #RodRunner

Surf Fishing with Julie and her Rod-Runner!

Here’s an awesome customer review video from our friend Julie Barney! Watch as she explains how she uses her #RodRunner when going surf fishing and check out her simple pool noddle modification to help attach her favorite lures to her Rod-Runner! Try it out and let us know what you think? Also, make sure to give Julie’s Youtube page a follow and check out her cool sand spike surf caddy system!